Dr. Meghan Clayards


Assistant Professor

McGill University

Department of Linguistics &

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Phone: 514-398-4235

Office: 121

1085 Ave Dr. Penfield

Montréal, QC

My research explores the role of phonetic variability in speech perception and how listeners and learners adapt to the phonetic patterns of their linguistic environment and what happens when those patterns change. I run studies on speech production and perception, often involving eye-tracking.

Before coming to McGill I completed my PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester with Mike Tanenhaus and Dick Aslin. I did post doctoral training in the Psychology department at the University of York in the UK with Gareth Gaskell and in the Centre for Research on Language Mind and Brain with Susan Rvachew, Linda Polka and Kris Onishi.

I am currently working on several projects investigating how variability affects speech perception and learning in adults and children.