Alexandra Simonenko

I am interested in the principles of the interactions between morphosyntax, semantics, and pragmatics, focusing on the properties of natural language elements responsible for relating the morphosyntactic and semantic components to the context, such as determiners (demonstrative, definite, specific, possessive), null subjects, verbal agreement, and wh-words.

I investigate the semantics and morphosyntax of the DP in a number of Finno-Ugric languages spoken in Russia (Berserman Udmurt, Khanty, Komi, Meadow Mari, Mordvin Komi), with a special focus on the so called possessive suffixes. A systematic comparative study of the left periphery of the DP in these languages is part of my FWO Postdoctoral Fellowship with Liliane Haegeman at Ghent University. I am also part of a project aimed at creating a parsed corpus of Meadow Mari.

During my Postdoctoral Fellowship at Labex EFL in Paris (2014–2016), in collaboration with Sophie Prévost (Lattice) and Benoit Crabbé (LLF/Paris Diderot) I began exploring how morphosyntactic features such as verbal person/number agreement and case interact with syntactic phenomena such as pronominal subject expression and word order in the diachronic perspective. In particular, I have been looking at ways to make quantitative corpus data bear on possible models of the relation between verbal subject agreement and pro-drop in Medieval French, as well as that between morphological case endings and word order. Some of our results can be found here, here and here.

I am collaborating with Anne Carlier on a formal semantic model of the development of French definite articles using corpus methods. Here are some preliminary results.

My dissertation “Grammatical Ingredients of Definiteness” (McGill University, 2014) investigates the components responsible for direct referentiality and domain restriction in definites in Germanic languages and their role in explaining surface patterns of definite DP islands and article omission.

I keep exploring the intricacies of wh-islands and a more general theory of pathological triviality together with Bernhard Schwarz. Here is a draft of our paper under review.

Selected publications

(Please see my CV for the full list and e-mail me if something is not available for download.)


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