James Tanner

Department of Linguistics, McGill University

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Department of Linguistics
McGill University
1085 Dr. Penfield
Montreal, QC
H3A 1A7


I'm a second-year Masters student in the Department of Linguistics at McGill University. My research interests are concerned with the cognitive mechanisms involved in morphosyntactic processing, and the influence of phonological and prosodic structure in processing inflectional morphology. In addition, I am also interested in phonological variation within and across varieties of spoken English, with particular reference to British English.


You can download my CV here (PDF).

McGill Working Papers in Linguistics

I also serve as the Managing Editor of the McGill Working Papers in Linguistics (McGWPL). McGWPL is a biannual publication, produced by the graduate students of the Department of Linguistics, that features papers by students and faculty of the department, as well other linguists in Canada and abroad. McGWPL publishes papers from a wide range of topics in both theoretical and applied linguistics, including syntax, morphology, semantics, language acquisition, and psycholinguistics.