Jessica Coon


I am an assistant professor in the department of linguistics at McGill University. My research is focused on syntax and morphology. I am especially interested in ergativity, split ergativity, Case and agreement systems, nominalization, and verb-initial languages.

Much of my work is based on data from the Mayan language, Chol. I began fieldwork on the language in 2002, and have been traveling regularly to Chiapas ever since. Here in Montreal I am working with speakers of Chuj, a Mayan language of Guatemala.

More recently I have begun working Mi’gmaq, a First Nations language of Quebec. Together with a team of students, I am collaborating with Mi’gmaq speakers and language teachers in the Mi’gmaq Listuguj community to analyze and develop teaching material for the language. You can learn more about the work we’re doing on

Please contact me if you’d like to get involved in any of these projects!

  1. Mi’gmaq project

  2. LingSync

  3. COULD database project

  4. McLing departmental newsletter