Speech Learning Lab


In the Speech Learning lab we investigate phonetic variability - how pronunciations change from instance to instance - and how this shapes speech perception. We’re also interested in how listeners and learners adapt to the phonetic patterns of their linguistic environment and what happens when those patterns change. To do this we conduct studies in speech production and perception, often involving eye-tracking.


Lab members

David Fleicher Linguistics

Thea Knowles Linguistics

Former lab members


Gareth Gaskell, University of York

Sarah Hawkins, University of Cambridge

Oliver Niebuhr, University of Kiel

Kris Onishi, McGill University

Susan Rvachew, McGill University

Michael Wagner, McGill University

Elizabeth Wonnacott, University of Warrick

Eric Doty Cog Sci 2011, now at UPenn Linguistics

Anna Prokofieva Cog Sci 2012, now at Columbia CS