Present Students

PhD Evaluation Papers

Jiajia Su (co-supervisor: Jessica Coon) Mandarin Classifiers (expected May 2015)

MA Project

Yuliya Manyakina (co-supervisor: Jessica Coon) Medials in Mi'gmaq (expected May 2015)

Past Students


2012 Bethany Lochbihler (co-supervisor: Glyne Piggott) Aspects of Argument Licensing

2012 Jozina Vander Klok (co-supervisor: Luis Alonso-Ovalle) TAM Markers in Paciran Javanese

2012 Mina Sugimura Domain Extension: A Study of Restructuring Predicates in Japanese and the Role of Head Movement

2009 Larissa Nossalik (co-supervisor with supervisor: Lydia White) L2 Acquisition of Russian Aspect

2009 Tobin Skinner (co-supervisor: Glyne Piggott) Investigations of Downward Movement

2009 Tohru Uchiumi (co-supervisor: Kyle Johnson) Binding and control: a unified approach

2006 Naoko Tomioka Resultative constructions: cross-linguistic variation and the syntax-semantics interface

2005 Lotus Goldberg (co-supervisor: Jason Merchant) Verb-stranding VP ellipsis: a cross-linguistic study

2003 Hela Ben Ayed Mood and functional projections

2002 Shunji Inagaki (co-supervisor with supervisor: Michel Paradis) Transfer and learnability in second language argument structure: Motion verbs with locational/directional PPs in L2 English and Japanese

2002 Mikael Vinka Causativization in North Sami

2001 Mikinari Matsuoka Linking arguments to phrase structure: a study of passives, psych verbs, and ditransitive verbs in Japanese

2001 Asya Pereltsvaig On the nature of intra-clausal relations: a study of copular sentences in Russian and Italian

2000 Ileana Paul Malagasy clause structure

2000 Makiko Hirakawa (co-supervisor with supervisor: Lydia White) Unaccusativity in Second Language Acquisition

1999 Joyce Garavito (co-supervisor with supervisor: Lydia White) The Second Language Acquisition of Object Agreement in Spanish

1997 Mengistu Amberber Transitivity alternations, even-types and light verbs

1996 Dongdong Chen (co-supervisor with supervisor: Lydia White) The "Flip" of Psych Predicates in Second Language Acquisition

1995 Anna Maclachlan Aspects of ergativity in Tagalog

1992 Alan Libert On the distinction between syntactic and semantic case

1991 Mireille Tremblay Possession and datives: Binary branching from the lexicon to syntax

1990 Eithne Guilfoyle Functional categories and phrase structure parameters

1989 Christine Tellier Universal licensing implications for parasitic gap constructions

1986 Nancy Hildebrant (co-supervisor with supervisor: David Caplan) A linguistically-based parsing analysis of aphasics' comprehension of referential dependencies

1985 Elly van Gelderen S-bar: Its character, behavior and relationship to (i)t


-- MA Projects

2011 Stephan Hurtubise (co-supervised with Bernhard Schwarz)

2011 Eva Dobler

2007 Chigusa Morita

2000 Junko Murai

1996 Afsaneh Assil

1994 Natividad Del Pilar

1993 Jean Du Plessis

-- MA Theses

1996 Vivianne Phillips Up-rooting the Prefix "maha" in Malagasy

1996 Miwako Uesaka The "te-iru" Construction in Japanese:  The Interaction between Aspect and Syntax

1993 Amanda Miller (co-supervised with Michel Paradis) Language Indexation: A Syntactic Constraint on Code-mixing

1992 Masanori Nakamura Move-alpha, Scope, and Relativized Minimality

1992 Sonja Knoll Word Order within Infinitival Complements in Swiss-German

1990 Doreen Solin (co-supervised with Lydia White) Germanic verb order:  the case for INFL-second

1990 Lesly Wade-Woolley For-to Complements in Appalachian English

1987 Denise Fekete Pro-drop and Verb-second:  Romance and Germanic in Old French

1986 Rose-Marie Déchaine (co-supervised with Claire Lefebvre at UQAM) Opérations sur les structures d'argument:  le cas des constructions sérielles en Haitien