Selected publications in semantics by postdocs and other visitors

Department of Linguistics
McGill University



Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka and Yasutada Sudo, eds. (2014). Proceedings of the MIT Workshop on Comparatives. Cambridge: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. URL:

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Kotek, Hadas, Yasutada Sudo, and Martin Hackl (2015). “Experimental investigations of ambiguity: The case of most”. In: Natural Language Semantics 23.2, pp. 119–156. DOI: 10.1007/s11050-015-9113-0.

Papers in conference proceedings

Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka (2014a). “Alternative questions through focus alternatives in Mandarin Chinese”. In: Proceedings of the 48th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 48). Ed. by Andrea Beltrama, Tasos Chatzikonstantinou, Jackson L. Lee, Mike Pham, and Diane Rak, pp. 221–234. URL:

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Kotek, Hadas (2014b). “Intervention out of islands”. In: Proceedings of NELS 44. Ed. by Leland Kusmer and Jyoti Iyer. Vol. 1. Amherst: GLSA, pp. 234–246.

Other visitors

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menendez-Benito (2011a). “Domain restrictions, modal implicatures and plurality: Spanish textit algunos”. In: Journal of Semantics 28.2, pp. 211–240. URL:

— (2012). “Indefinites, dependent plurality, and the viability requirement on scalar alternatives”. In: Journal of Semantics 30.1, pp. 65–102. URL:

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Papers in edited volumes

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menendez-Benito (2013c). “Exceptional Scope: The Case of Spanish”. In: Different Kinds of Specificity Across Languages. Ed. by Stefan Hinterwimmer and Cornelia Endriss. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 123–155.

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Papers in conference proceedings

Alonso-Ovalle, Luis and Paula Menendez-Benito (2013b). “Epistemic Indefinites: are we ignorant about ignorance?” In: Proceedings of the 19th Amsterdam Colloquium. Ed. by Maria Aloni, Michael Franke, and Floris Roelofsen. University of Amsterdam, pp. 35–43. URL:

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