Introductory Undergraduate-level Courses

LING 201

Introduction to Linguistics

This course is an introduction to linguistic theory and analysis. Topics covered include phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. The goal is to familiarize students with current tools of linguistic analysis. Students will be required to display an understanding of these tools by applying them to data from several languages.

LING 331

Phonology 1

This course provides an introduction to contemporary phonological theory and analysis, focusing on issues in segmental and prosodic structure.

Upper-level Undergraduate and Graduate-level Lecture Courses

LING 451
LING 651

Acquisition of Phonology

This course investigates the development prosodic and segmental structure by first and second language learners. The course examines issues that arise for (first) language acquisition in the context of Optimality Theory including: Is there an initial ranking of constraints? Can comprehension and production be captured within a single grammar? How do we formally capture variability and overlapping stages in development?

LING 530

Phonology 2

Exploration of current issues in phonology.

LING 631

Phonology 3

This course is concerned with the basic units of phonological structure, their grouping into constituents and the patterns that are explained in terms of such groupings. The primary focus is on understanding the kind of evidence that is cited as support for these units and their organization. To this end, considerable emphasis is placed on critically evaluating alternative views on theory construction and representation.

Graduate Seminars

LING 752

Advanced Seminar: Experimental

Advanced seminar on current experimental research in linguistics.

LING 755

Advanced Seminar in Language Acquisition

Current topics in language acquisition.

LING 710

Language Acquisition Program (LAP) Seminar

Selected topics in language acquisition viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective.