Student Supervision



Mackenzie, Sara

Crosslinguistic study of laryngeal features in languages with asymmetrical inventories. SSHRC post-doctoral fellow.

Current position: Assistant Professor, Dept of Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Hwang, Hyekyung

The perception and use of prosody in the processing of spoken language.

Centre for Research on Language, Mind and Brain post-doctoral fellow.

[co-supervised with Karsten Steinhauer & Lydia White]


In Progress

Garcia, Guilherme

Weight effects on stress in Portuguese: Lexicon, grammar and acquisition.

Lieberman, Moti

Comprehension and the Prosodic Transfer Hypothesis.

Creator and Host, The Ling Space


Austin, Gavin

Variability in L2 functional morphology: The Korean speaker of English.

University of New England, Australia.

[co-supervised with Einar Thorsteinsson]

Current position: Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Applied Linguistics and TESOL, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.


Qu, Chen

The representation and acquisition of tone sandhi in Mandarin.


Özçelik, Öner

Representation and acquisition of stress: A prosodic learning path for second language learners and the case of Turkish. [co-supervised with Lydia White]

Current position: Assistant Professor, Dept of Central Eurasian Studies & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept of Second Language Studies, Indiana University.


Brannen, Kathleen

The perception and production of interdental fricatives in second language acquisition.

Current position: Chargée de cours, École de langues, UQAM.

Mah, Jen

Segmental representations in interlanguage grammars: The case of francophones and English /h/.

Current position: Lecturer, Mount Royal University, Calgary & Research Associate, Language Research Centre, University of Calgary.


Cardoso, Walcir

Topics in the phonology of Picard.

Current position: Associate Professor, TESL Centre, Dept of Education, Concordia University.


Steele, Jeff

Representation and phonological licensing in the L2 acquisition of prosodic structure.

Current position: Associate Professor, Dept of French, University of Toronto.


Rose, Yvan

Headedness and prosodic licensing in the L1 acquisition of phonology.

Current position: Associate Professor, Dept of Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Kawasaki, Takako

Coda constraints – Optimizing representations. [co-supervised with Glyne Piggott]

Current position: Professor, Dept of English, Hosei University, Tokyo.


Brown, Cindy

Acquisition of segmental structure: Consequences for speech perception and second language acquisition. [co-supervised with Lydia White]


Pater, Joe

Consequences of constraint ranking.

Current position: Professor, Dept of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst.


In Progress

Schwarz, Martha

Nepali laryngeal contrasts. [co-supervised with Morgan Sonderegger]


Leung, Betty

Production of the low-level and low-falling tone merger by Heritage Cantonese speakers in Toronto. [co-supervised with Morgan Sonderegger]


Martinez, Ruth

La perception naïve non-native des voyelles nasales du portugais. Université de Montréal. [co-supervised with Michael Dow and Daniel Valois]

Tanner, James

The representation and processing of inflectional morphology: The prosodic dual-route hypothesis.


Shimada, Aki

Syllabification in Blackfoot: Nucleic /s/.


Dalton, Will

Allophony in the L2: The acquisition of high vowel allophones in Québec French.

Prévost, Adèle-Elise

Prosodic transfer from the L1 to the L2: An electrophysiological investigation. [co-supervised with Karsten Steinhauer]


Beritognolo, Gustavo

Hiatus in Argentinian Spanish.


Fowler, Sadie

An investigation of medial epenthesis in the L2 English of Iraqi Arabic speakers.


Ruiz, Pablo

Behaviour of [n] and [s] in stress assignment in L2 Spanish: Does orthography play a role?


Kang, Hyun-Sook

An optimal approach to syllabification in the phonology of Korean learners of English.


Gonzalez Poot, Antonio

Spanish rhymes: A challenge to constraints on syllable structure?


Lebel, Éliane

On first language acquisition of word-initial English clusters: A case study.


Taler, Vanessa

S-weakening in the Spanish of San Miguel, El Salvador. [co-supervised with Julie Auger]


Royle, Phaedra

Verb production in French DLI subjects.


Narasimhan, Rama

Coronal, velars and front vowels.

Undergraduate Honours

In Progress

Javaheri-Cabrera, Nadia

Syllabification in Heritage Persian speakers.

Zhang, Junmei

Acquisition of phonotactic constraints by English-speaking learners of Mandarin.


Koh, Justin

Prosody in the French of internationally-adopted children. [co-supervised with Fred Genesee]

Orbegozo Zavala, Omar

Syllable segmentation in adults using allophonic cues. [co-supervised with Kris Onishi]

Schwartz, Misha

Indirect positive evidence in second language acquisition.


Yoon, Erica

Cues used by 10-month-old infants in within-word segmentation. [co-supervised with Kris Onishi]


Bucurel, Elisa

The use of allophonic cues and backward transitional probabilities in infant within-word segmentation. [co-supervised with Kris Onishi]

Poirier-Caron, Maude

Perception of the /f/-/Θ/ contrast by anglophone children and francophone adults.

Thorne, Julia

The effects of prosodic transfer on English-speaking learners of Spanish.


Fromstein, David

To Tokyo with rove: Perception of non-native liquid contrasts in the adaptation of Japanese loanwords from English.


Garellek, Marc

L1 allophony and the acquisition of non-native contrast.

McManus, Jenny

Disambiguating prosodic structure: Can infants use statistics and allophonic cues to segment speech? [co-supervised with Kris Onishi]


Dalton, Will

Covert contrast and articulatory locality in child consonant harmony.

Prévost, Adèle-Elise

From personal stereotype to shared protoyype: Internal and interactional contributions to the acquisition of word meaning in infants. [co-supervised with Robert Myles]


Buckley, Meaghen

Linguistic bootstrapping and the syntax-prosody interface: The syntax and phonology of clitics in second language French. [co-supervised with Lydia White]

Vandendorpe, Maïda

The phonological structure of English and French loanwords in Japanese.


Tessier, Anne-Michelle

On the Athapaskan superstem: Interaction between principles and constraints in the morpho-phonology of Chilcotin and Sarcee verbs.


Haugh, Bridget

AH! AW!: The changing production and perception of low vowels in Canadian English. [co-supervised with Julie Auger]

Iveson, Jennifer

Diphthongization of lax vowels in the speech of two southern U.S. speakers.

Roncone, Tina

Belmontese phonology.


Curtin, Suzanne

The role of post-lexical phonology in second language acquisition: A speech perception experiment.

Zamuner, Tania

The acquisition of coda consonants.


Wood, Karen

Word minimality, coda and onset development: A case study in phonological acquisition over the word-spurt boundary.

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